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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical biopharmaceutical / medical reaction kettle / medical equipment chiller application:

1. Control low-temperature and low-humidity environment during the production and storage of pharmaceuticals and biological products. The general application scheme is to use a low-temperature chiller with hexane as a refrigerant to provide -5 to -35 ° C freezing liquid to provide necessary cooling for low-temperature and low-humidity source. When it is necessary to still cool in winter, the unit can be equipped with a special control system, so that the unit can still maintain refrigeration operation in a low temperature environment of -15 ° C. Used for rapid cooling of APIs to prevent drug deterioration.

2. Pharmaceutical reaction kettle: The rapid cooling of water at about 0 ℃ is required in the distillation stage, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, and it can be considered that the temperature of the effluent can be adjusted to control the progress of the reaction stage, thereby improving the product quality.

3. Medical equipment: such as magnetic resonance equipment must provide a reliable cold source without interruption.